This company electrifies classic cars

Electric Classic Cars is a company that takes classic cars from the ‘50s to early ‘80s and brings them into the 21st century with custom conversion to electric power. (see video below for how they do it)

Richard Morgan (aka Moggy) has been racing and restoring various classics since the age of 17. Couple that with his 20 years of experience in the energy efficiency industry for the past 20 years, helping some of the world’s largest organizations reduce their carbon emissions, and you have the makings of Electric Classic Cars.

The British company will take care of every detail of converting your classic car for you, with prices ranging from about £12k for a small car with a range under 100 miles to as much as £50k for something like a Range Rover with 200 mile range.

ECC also sells conversion kits for certain classic models

If you own one of the cars that Moggy has already converted, like a VW Beetle, VW Camper or Fiat 500, ECC can supply you with a bolt-in kit with all of the parts to do your own conversion, including the adapter plates, motor mounts and other necessary ingredients you’ll need. You can find out more on the site.

The horsepower of the conversions ranges from 45hp to 650hp, and with some older classics a brake upgrade may be needed to cope the improved power!

Electric Classic Cars is not the only company that changes fossil fuelers into EVs, but we love that these vintage road machines are being brought up to date, looking every bit as good as ever, but now plying the roads without emissions.

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