Production begins on light weight all-electric van

Workhorse, a US auto tech company focusing on sustainable transport, is starting production of the NGEN-1000, their new light-weight electric delivery vehicle. Production comes on the heels of the February 2018 announcement that Workhorse would be working with UPS to deliver an all electric fleet.

The NGEN-1000 carries the same cubic footage of storage – 1,000 cubic feet (hm,, wonder where the name came from) – as a traditional diesel step-van, but has half the weight. The NGEN is also available in smaller sizes: 250, 450 and 700 cubic feet.

The company is betting that NGEN’s lower weight and 100-mile range will lower costs enough to make the EV alternative to traditional fleet delivery vehicles all the more appealing.

The van also incorporates Workhorse’s Metron telematics system which lets fleet owners track the van(s) in real time and collect data to optimize route planning and monitor maintenance and fuel costs.

Telematics lets EV fleet owners monitor performance

“The future is here”

“The future is here” said Workhorse CEO Stephen S. Burns. “With an off-the-lot cost on par with traditional fuel delivery vehicles, and substantial savings from there, we believe the NGEN will forever change the business of delivery as we know it.”

Part of the reduction in both weight and price is the development of a smaller battery pack than Workhorse’s earlier models. It also lowers customer’s  charging infrastructure costs.

Electric Vehicles are a good fit with many commercial uses, especially in urban short-haul environments carrying light to medium loads. As the website Fleet Owner notes, “CBEVs (Commercial Battery Electric Vehicles) are no longer an “if” in trucking applications. Both existing OEMs and companies new to the trucking industry are rapidly bringing products to market.”

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