Name this e-bike and you could win $10,000

GM is introducing an electric bike. Yes, GM – the General Motors that makes automobiles.

A spiffy looking e-bike it is, and it’s got everything you might want in a new ebike…except a name.

So GM is turning to the public to help come up with a name and will award  US$10,000 to the person that comes up with a moniker that (in GM’s judgment):

  • Brings the eBike brand to life
  • Inspires people to choose eBikes )presumably the GM version) as their preferred mode of transportation
  • Is simple, smart, and bold
  • Is meaningful in multiple languages and cultures
  • Is trademarkable

BUT…the name cannot be complicated, hard to pronounce, jokey, punny, or offensive.  But they say it can be fun.

Oh, also, it’s aimed at people who live in cities.

There are two models, and they both include rechargeable lights, a smart connected systems like OnStar in their cars and a ‘proprietary GM drive system’.

There are also 9 second prizes of US$1,000.

Think you’ve got what it takes to name the two wheeler?

Download the Brief and get full details from the GM eBike site

GM e-Bike in folded and open position

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