FedEx goes absolutely, positively electric

FedEx, Ryder and EV manufacturer Chanje have announced that FedEX will be leasing 900 all-electric delivery vehicles and purchasing another 100 for their California operations.

The electric delivery vehicles (EDVS) are manufactured in Hangzhou, China, and purchased through Chanje Energy Inc., the company’s subsidiary for global business.  Ryder System, Inc. will provide support services for all of the vehicles.

Unlike some other electric delivery vans (see the futuristic bubble vans used by UPS in the UK), the Chanje trucks look the same as any other FedEx small delivery truck.

The Chanje V8100 vehicles FedEx has ordered can travel more than 150 miles off a full charge and have capabilities that can provide an 80% charge in a little over an hour.

Each of these vehicles has the potential to help FedEx save two thousand gallons of fuel and avoid 20 tons of carbon emission each year.

Delivery companies can save a lot with EVs

New UPS Electric Cargo bike
UPS e-Cargo Bike introduced in Seattle

The ‘last mile’ of package delivery is a huge opportunity for electric vehicles. The very nature of the business – short trips, largely in congested urban areas – is the kind of usage EVs are ideally suited to.

While most people are aware that EVs are more efficient to fuel and maintain than fossil fuel carbon emitters, the high initial price takes a long time to get paid back for many personal vehicles.

On the cost side, delivery companies can quickly see impressive economic benefits from EVDs. Two thousand gallons of fuel in California translates into $6,000 (Gas Buddy, Nov. 20.18). Electric vehicles do not require oil changes, transmission fluid or myriad other maintenance charges that add up for a delivery fleet. Chanje estimates that maintenance and fuel costs are 70% lower than with FF vans.

Also, electric vehicles aren’t burning up profits when they sit in unavoidable traffic jams.

In fact

The Harvard Business Review has an article entitled: ‘Inside UPS’s Electric Vehicle Strategy’ in which it details how electric vehicles are now better value than gas or diesel burners on every measure.

Aside from the UPS London vans, there have been other innovations in inroads for last mile electric delivery in the past couple of years:

UPS launches cargo eBike deliveries

Production begins on light weight all-electric van

and we are sure to see many more.

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