Electric SUVs with AI and autonomous drive at Tokyo Car Show

Two concept vehicles on display at The Tokyo Auto Show are looking to put electric motors into SUVs and combine it with Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Drive.

The Nissan IMx uses 12 cameras, nine radar sensors, 12 sonar sensors and six laser scanners to take care of the driving for you, along with a 4WD twin-motor system that combines an electric motor at the front and one at the rear generating a total of 429hp.

The Mitsubishi crossover incorporates a triple-motor, four-wheel drive system in which one motor drives the front while one powers each of the rear wheels. On the self-driving side, there’s a A.I. personal assistant inside the car that ‘continuously accumulates understanding of the passengers’ according to a Mitsubishi staffer.

Read more from Peter Lyon at Forbes
Photo: Nissan IMx courtesy Nissan


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