California: 100% renewable electricity by 2045

The world’s 5th largest economy has just pledged to source all retail electricity from renewable sources within the next 30 years.

California Governor Jerry Brown said the bill “is sending a message to California and the world that we are going to meet the Paris agreement and we are going to continue down that path to transition our economy.”

The Bill SB-100 was signed into law September 10 and in addition to the long term goal of attaining 100% renewable electricity it sets out a path towards that future:

(a) In order to attain a target of generating 20 percent of total retail sales of electricity in California from eligible renewable energy resources by December 31, 2013, 33 percent by December 31, 2020, 50 percent by December 31, 2026, and 60 percent by December 31, 2030, it is the intent of the Legislature that the commission and the Energy Commission implement the California Renewables Portfolio Standard Program described in this article.

This YouTube video (19:00) shows the announcement of Bill SB-100

New offshore oil and gas exploration also being blocked

In addition to the electricity bill, Governor Brown also signed two bills into law over the weekend that block new oil and gas drilling off the state’s coast. Bills SB 834 and AB 1775 prohibit new leases for new construction of oil and gas-related infrastructure, such as pipelines, within state waters.

The combined legislations are broadly seen as a rebuke to Donald Trump and the Republican Party’s withdrawal of the United States from the Paris Climate Accord in June of 2017 and their announced plan in January 2018 to loosen restrictions on offshore drilling.

Both plans have been widely criticized by environmental groups and many state legislatures. Governor Brown was pointed in his criticism of the current resident of the White House:

“Today, California’s message to the Trump administration is simple: Not here, not now. We will not let the federal government pillage public lands and destroy our treasured coast.”

Image by Farwestern Photo by Gregg M. Erickson – Own work, CC BY 3.0, Link

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