7minutesolar.com is the website affiliated with the 7 Minute Solar podcast covering technical advances, practical advice, product overviews and local, national and international stories of the growth of solar and other renewable energy.

I am Jeff Butler, an international award winning advertising writer and director. I started the podcast because of my own interest in solar energy, I couldn’t find many podcasts on the subject, and because of my background making radio and television commercials and playing, writing and recording music I knew I could put together an entertaining series of podcasts.

Each of the podcasts is 7 minutes long because that seemed to me a good length of time for listening to something. It enables me to cover most topics in enough depth to make it interesting and entertaining while still giving enough hard information to the listener.

This website not only provides a home for the podcasts but also gathers information from a variety of sources, many of which provide material for the podcasts. Each of the posts on this site link to original material published on other sites so that visitors can get the whole story.

My goal is simply to educate people about the ways in which they can participate in the energy revolution by purchasing solar panels, or an electric vehicle, using solar heating or a variety of other ways.

By showing them the ways that others are participating – including businesses – I hope it will inspire them to get involved themselves.


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